Outfit # 77: We are the river

I feel closely related to several places in Georgia. I never felt like I had a hometown. There is only where I am and where I once was. It is an abstraction. So I like to go back and visit those places. There’s the place I went to elementary school, the place where I went to 6th grade. The place I went to high school and the place I went to college. I like to see the places I once existed in and every time I go back they are different. You know the phrase. You never step in the same river twice. And here are these physical locations that are, in a very real way, flowing.
Reflecting on my relationships to spaces and time makes me think of Dr. Manhattan. So smart. So blue. And with a completely different concept of time. He exists everywhere all at once. To be able to hold on to this concept was the greatest gift given to me from reading Watchmen. Recently the concept of time fluidity, (that we aren’t just one place in the river, we are the river) has reappeared in popular culture in …

Recipe: Ice Water Twist

Y'all. It's summer for real. For Southerners, it's finally a socially acceptable time to eat watermelon none stop. So I came up with one more way to integrate this summer staple into my daily life. I picked some of my other summer refreshing faves, mint and cucumber, to give my ice water a sweet kick.

We've been growing chocolate mint in the yard so I plucked a stem and put it and some diced cucumber in ice trays. I combined watermelon and cucumber in another tray. Freeze and enjoy in a tall cold glass of water.  Because the juice from watermelon has a sweet, distinctive flavor it makes the water smell stellar. And once you finish your water you have a cold snack to enjoy. A reward for saying no to a more sugary beverage. Go you.

Travel: Everyday People

Y'all ever accidentally wait a year to share some pics? Well, here's a glimpse of AthFest last year. Jeff, Lillian (hi love y'all) and I saw multiple musicians at hole-in-the-wall bars and legendary bars every night. It was awesome. During the day we'd stroll through the artist market scoping out fresh prints, glass blowing, sculptures and cute plushies. Or go to the public pool and applaud the sick tricks the kids were doing off of the diving board. Btw, you ever hear the lifeguards call ADULT SWIM and then try to get out but then you realize, dang, I am an adult??

When I got home and started going through my pictures, I was super disappointed. I thought they were all trash. But now I wonder what sort of negativity had possessed me. These photos are fun and vibrant and gosh darn I had a good time. In the future, I'll try to be conscientious about hating on myself instead of appreciating. 
Kishi Bashi and Mr. Steak

Arrested Development - I am everyday people. 
Super je…

Outfit #76: None too big

“I'm none too big on giving advice,” Aunt Al said. “Most times when folks ask for advice, they already know what they should do. They just want to hear it from someone else.” – The Silver Star
Giving advice is Russian roulette. But when people come to you for advice often, you begin to think you have somehow mastered chance. Every now and again, I feel like Aunt Al—none too big on giving advice. I don’t know enough of anything to advise people on what to do or not to or pursue or feel or not feel. 

Still though, people will slice down their middle and let it all hang out and splatter on the floor right in front of me sometimes. Being vulnerable like that is an incredible gift. It’s humbling that someone would come to me for even this minor form of help. But on top of that, it comes with raging uncertainty that occasionally doesn’t appear until long after I have opened my trap, letting them fall through. 

I do like to help people, but how do you ever know if you are saying the right …

Outfit # 75: Vices/Virtues

The podcast Death, Sex and Money has an episode titled “The NFL Made Me Rich. Now I Watch It… Sometimes.” In it, host Anna Sales talks to Domonique Foxworth, former NFL player, Harvard Grad, rich dude.

The interview is great. Foxworth is honest without hesitation and explicit about the one thing he really wanted: money. Sales and Foxworth talk about football, its danger, losing friends, his experience in high school and college. The girls he met and what kind of man he had to become to convince his wife to marry him.

But the idea that stuck with me was his complete candidness about wanting money. A want I always thought of as a sin or vice. But Foxworth wasn’t evil. He was honest. He knew what he wanted and took an incredible path to get it. One that wasn’t evil at all, but hard work.

This got me thinking.

I felt as though we’re supposed to bury any negative aspect of our personalities. Ignore those inclinations, hope they evaporate. So to hear someone admit to something that I grew up th…

Travel: Downtown Mobile

A colorful downtown corridor shadowed by iron-railed porches hanging overhead makes Mobile, Alabama look like New Orleans’ copy-cat cousin. But upon further research, it turns out the Mobile was the first capital of French Louisiana and the birthplace of Mardi Gras – and everyone wants you to know it. Signs and brochures around the city reaffirm this long lost fact.  
Mobile is also home to many secret societies, some dating back to 1700s. Modern Mobile celebrates its rich heritage through colorful displays, the Mardi Gras museum and art of every corner. The day we visited there was an artist market open downtown.
Artists decorate the downtown buildings and open courtyards house easels and gardens for visitors and residents to enjoy. The downtown area has the same relaxed atmosphere as New Orleans. Shop windows frame eccentric tchotchkes and vibrant masks and fluffy feather boas. Greens, golds and purples echo throughout the city, a frequent reminder of the celebration that originated h…

Outfit # 74: Desire, self-improvement and other buzz words

The first time I heard a lecture by Alan Watts was in The Incredible True Story by Logic. Once on a radio show, a fan called in and asked why Logic used the desire lecture, where Watts inquires simply: What do you desire? Logic explained that Watts said in a few minutes what took him an entire album to communicate.
I listened to it most carefully one day walking to class. It made my brain ring, thumping a deep inner chord. The way Watts can for anybody who decides to listen.
We were assigned his book in class, The Wisdom of Insecurity. (Although, to be honest, I haven’t finished reading it. It was a little overwhelming. Every page was a gosh darn revelation. Exhausting! But I do plan on finishing it.) Then, more recently, I read a quote by him that suggested that the self, who you are, is unchangeable. So stop trying to improve it. What a relief! And he says the same thing. It is a relief knowing that I’m stuck with my lot.
It’s like a poem with a set rhyme scheme. The rules can either s…